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Terms and conditions of online sales



Renault Retail Group offers various products for purchase on its website http://shop.atelier.renault.com and is responsible for the content of this website and for the processing of personal data.

These terms and conditions of sales apply exclusively to the contractual relationship between Renault Retail Group and the User, who is contemplating ordering a product on the http://shop.atelier.renault.com website. They apply exclusively to orders for products on the http://shop.atelier.renault.com website.

The User acknowledges that he or she has been informed of these terms and conditions of sale prior to placing an order and hereby accepts them unconditionally.

Renault Retail Group reserves the right to modify or adapt these terms and conditions of sale. In such a case, only the terms and conditions of sale that are in effect on the date the order is placed shall be valid.

Article 1. Ordering

1.1 When a product has been selected, the User must click on the “Add to basket” button.

By clicking on this button, the User begins the online ordering process. The User must then confirm his or her shopping basket by clicking on the “Place my order” button and then identify him or herself, as follows:

Once the shopping basket has been confirmed, the User must select the delivery address and accept the terms and conditions of sale. At this point, the user may cancel or modify his or her order. Lastly, the User must confirm the method of payment. This last step completes the sales contract between Renault Retail Group and the User. The User will then be redirected to the secure payment site of the Renault Retail Group’s banking partner and will be able to make his or her payment.

1.2 Once the product or products have been reserved, the website will display an order confirmation page and the User will receive a purchase confirmation message by e-mail within 24 hours.

This confirmation serves as an invoice and will provide the following information: a description of the products ordered, quantity, unit price, delivery charge and packaging charge, if applicable. It will also indicate, depending on the User’s location and the delivery location, the price in euros, with or without tax, invoiced to the User.

If the User does not receive a confirmation message by e-mail, he or she should contact Renault Retail Group at (boutique.atelier@renault.com) to make sure the order was recorded.

Article 2. Products

The products presented on http://shop.atelier.renault.com may be purchased individually or may be grouped together in a single order.

Article 3. Product availability

As long as a product is posted on the website the offer will be valid at the price indicated.

All orders will be served within the limits of available stock. Product availability will be checked when each order is received, in the warehouse.

Photographs of products are not contractual.

If the products ordered are unavailable, which means that Renault Retail Group is unable to deliver the product to the User within the time specified in Article 4.2 below, Renault Retail Group will inform the User by e-mail or by telephone and indicate the date at which the order will most likely be delivered. The User must then inform Renault Retail Group, within 48 hours, if he or she wishes to maintain the order.

If the User cancels the order, Renault Retail group will reimburse the User within fourteen (14) days after receiving the User’s payment.

Article 4. Payment and expenses

4.1 Price

The prices displayed on http://shop.atelier.renault.com are expressed in euros, with or without tax, and do not include any delivery charges that may be charged to the User.

Depending on where the User logs on to the website, the price indicated may not include tax. When the price is indicated with all tax included, the value-added tax (VAT) shall be payable at the rate indicated when the order is placed.

The User should note that sales prices do not include any applicable customs duties.

Depending on the country where the User logs on to the website, the law may require direct or indirect taxes, which Renault Retail Group does not collect. Any tax that is not indicated when ordering shall be payable by the User, pursuant to the law of the country where the User placed his or her order.

Since prices are always displayed in euros, it is the responsibility of a User who logs on from a country that does not use the same currency as http://shop.atelier.renault.com, to obtain information on the exchange rate and expenses that are applicable when the order is placed.

The amount the User must pay includes the product sales price, delivery charge and, if applicable, the aforementioned taxes. This amount is shown on the order summary page.

These prices will only be valid on the http://shop.atelier.renault.com website and under no circumstance will apply to in-store purchases. [RRG1]

Although Renault Retail Group reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, products will be invoiced at the price in effect when the User confirms the order

4.2. Delivery charges

Delivery charges are indicated before order confirmation and are invoiced in addition to the product or products ordered. A fixed amount is charged for delivery, depending on the country of delivery and regardless of the weight of the package.

4.3. Payment

Payment for products, delivery charges and packaging charges must be made prior to shipment.

Only a bank card can be used to purchase products on the http://shop.atelier.renault.com website.

Article 5 : Delivery

The User may choose between picking the product up in a store or having it delivered by a carrier.

5.1 In-store pickupn

If the product is picked up in a store, there will be no delivery charge.

Renault Retail Group will make the product or products ordered available in the Atelier Renault store within 72 hours.

If this time limit is exceeded by seven days or more, and if the delay in delivery is not caused by a force majeure event, the User may cancel the sale by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to l’Atelier Renault, 53 avenue des Champs Elysées – 75008 Paris. In this case, the User will be reimbursed as indicated in Article 3 § 5 above.

When picking up an order, the User must present ID and the order confirmation.

5.2 Delivery to the User’s domicile

Deliveries in France and within the European Union will be made by Colissimo.

Deliveries outside of the European Union will be made by DHL.

When delivery is made, the User must present ID and the order confirmation.

5.2.1. Place of delivery

Deliveries will be made in France, within the European Union and outside of the European Union.

5.2.2. Delivery times

Orders will be shipped an average of 48 hours after they are validated.

The average delivery time depends on the delivery address and on the carrier (Colissimo or DHL).

If Renault Retail Group is unable to process the order within the time indicated, the procedure indicated in Article 3 § 4 and 5 will be observed.

5.2.3. Late deliveries

Under no circumstance shall a late delivery entitle the User to claim damages. In particular, Renault Retail Group will not be liable for any consequence of late delivery that is beyond its control, such as delay due to a force majeure event or due to some fault of the carrier.

5.2.4. Missing and damaged goods

If a package is delivered directly to the User, the User shall, after verifying its contents, sign the carrier’s delivery receipt.

If anything is missing or damaged, the User must indicate his or her reservations on the receipt book sheet, which is also signed by the carrier, and must keep a copy of this document. If goods are damaged, the User must also refuse the package or packages and write the words “refusal due to damage” on the delivery receipt.

If specific reservations are not indicated when the delivery receipt is signed, the User must be able to show that the damage occurred during shipment and was caused by the shipment.

The User must explain and confirm his/her reservations to the carrier by registered letter sent to the “Users Service” (the address of which is provided on the consignment notice) within three days after delivery of the product and send a copy of the registered letter to Renault Retail Group.

5.2.5. Non-compliant orders

If an order is non-compliant in terms of its quality or quantity, the User must inform Renault Retail Group of this by e-mail at boutique.atelier@renault.com>.

5.2.6. Refusal of delivery

Renault Retail Group reserves the right to refuse delivery and to fulfil an order if a User has failed to pay for a previous order, in whole or in part, or if there is a dispute concerning a previously placed order.

Article 6: Transfer of risk

All products delivered within France, Europe or beyond, will be shipped at the user’s expense and risk.

When a product that has been ordered is picked up in a store, the risks associated with the product pass to the purchaser at this time.

In any case, the User is responsible for making any claims involving a product (in particular in case of damage, apparent defect or a missing item) and for making all observations and reservations that may be necessary at the time of delivery, or for refusing delivery if necessary.

Article 7: Retention of title

All products shipped will remain the property of Renault Retail Group until the entire amount of the order is paid.

Article 8: Warranties

8.1. Statutory warranty (Articles 1641 and subsequent of the French civil code)

If a product is delivered with a hidden defect, Renault Retail Group will, as decided by the User, either reimburse the price of the product to the User, or exchange the product with a product of equal quality and price, within the limits of available stock.

For all requests of this type, the User must contact Renault Retail Group by e-mail at : boutique.atelier@renault.com>.

The User is entitled to statutory warranties pursuant to the following provisions :

8.2. Contractual warranty

The product may be subject to a contractual warranty that is indicated by the manufacturer in the product instructions. This contractual warranty in no way diminishes the statutory warranty provided for under Articles 1641 and subsequent of the French civil code.

This contractual warranty does not include :

The User must present the purchase invoice to make any claim under the warranty

Regardo,g any claim or question in relation to the contractual warranty, the User must contact Renault Retail Group by e-mail at : boutique.atelier@renault.com>.

Article 9: Liability

The products offered on the website comply with current French law.

The User shall be solely responsible for selecting the product or products purchased. Renault Retail Group shall not be held liable if the User is unable to use the product, in part or in whole, for example because it is incompatible.

Renault Retail group shall not be liable for any failure to perform the contract that is the result of a force majeure event, strike or disruption of postal service.

Article 10: Right of withdrawal

Pursuant to Articles L. 121-20 and subsequent of the French consumer code, the User has fourteen (14) days as of the date of delivery to exercise his or her right of withdrawal, without having to justify this decision or pay an indemnity.

If the User placed the order in France or within the European Union, the User must use the prepaid return form provided with the package. If this return form is used, Renault Retail Group will pay for the shipping expenses.

If the User would like to return the product and is outside of the European Union, the User will have to pay the shipping charge to return the package.

Products must be returned no more than fourteen (14) days after the date of reception by the User, as indicated by the postal stamp. Products must be returned unused and in perfect condition, in their original packaging and with all instructions and accessories provided and the invoice. Any product that has been used or which is dirty or damaged in any way will not be taken back .

When the product has been returned to and accepted by Renault Retail Group, the User will have the choice of being sent a new product or being reimbursed.

In the latter case, the reimbursement will be made within fourteen (14) days after the reimbursement right is exercised.

Article 11: Security of transactions

In respect of its online sales process, Renault Retail Group has only an obligation of due care and therefore shall not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the Internet, such as a loss of data, hacking, virus, disruption of service or any other problem that is beyond its control.

Banking details are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and are never sent unencrypted over the Internet.

Renault Retail Group never has access to confidential information concerning the User's means of payment, which cannot be accessed by a third party. All payments are made directly with our banking partner BNP Paribas via Mercanet.

Article 12: Personal data

Renault Retail Group will observe the confidentiality of all personal data the User provides on the http://shop.atelier.renault.com website and will treat this data in compliance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978.

When you visit our website, we may ask you for information to be provided in questionnaires, forms and when creating your User account.

The information we collect about you is necessary to enable you to purchase a product. This information is exclusively intended for Renault Retail Group and its partners for the purpose of processing your order, conducting surveys, analysis and institutional communication and, if you agree, sending you promotional offers, by e-mail, SMS, telephone or post.

Pursuant to the French “Data Protection Act” No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, as amended by Act No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, if you can prove your identity you are entitled to access and correct any data that concern you and to request that such data not be processed, by sending a letter to Renault Retail Group at 2, avenue Denis Papin, 92140 Clamart Cedex.

You may also access and modify your personal data any time by clicking on “Modify my account” in your User space.

When you visit our website, Renault Retail Group may send a cookie to your computer. A cookie is a small block of data that is sent to your browser by a Web server and is stored on your computer’s hard disk. Cookies are generally used to record information concerning your computer’s browsing on our website (e.g. the pages you have viewed, the date and time of viewing, etc.) which we will be able to read when you come back to visit our site and thus improve the online content and services we propose.

You can of course refuse cookies, as explained in your browser’s instructions, and you may also delete cookies from your computer at any time, either collectively or individually, as explained in your computer’s instructions

Article 13: Intellectual property

All components of the http://shop.atelier.renault.com (including text, logos, images and drawings) are the exclusive property of Renault Retail Group, or of the rights-holders who have authorized Renault Retail Group to use these components, and are copyright for the world.

Any reproduction, in part or in whole, of the http://shop.atelier.renault.com is strictly forbidden.

Article 14: Archiving and evidence

Pursuant to Article 1348 of the French civil code, order form information is archived on a durable and reliable medium for a period of 10 years.

The parties hereto agree that Renault Retail Group’s computer records shall be considered to be valid evidence of the existence and date of all messages, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.

Article 15: Governing law and litigation

The language of the contract is French.

These terms and conditions of sale are governed by French law.

All disputes in relation to the creation, validity, performance, construction or cancellation of these terms and conditions of sale shall be referred exclusively to the Nanterre commercial court (Tribunal of Comerce de Nanterre), provided the User is a professional user. If the User is a consumer, the dispute shall be referred to the appropriate court pursuant to the applicable law.